Monday, May 12, 2008

Were YOU the WINNER???

I have learned a lot about contests like you should never put a Virgo, detail oriented, very fair person in charge of a contest because she will spend HOURS making sure that every single comment gets counted, that the random number generator is in fact random enough, she will ask her Mom to look over her spreadsheet and her random numbers and will insist on her husband clicking the random number generator button because it MUST be administered correctly for the love of grapefruit. THEN she'll freak out when the random number generator turns out the number 8 because it was LESS then 10 and that just doesn't seem LIKELY but it was in fact #8 and because I captured everyones names in a spreadsheet, tied a random number to each entry (many of you got the 3 entries), sorted them so that all 244 entries were now very very random. And soooo the winner in place #8 in the randomly sorted spreadsheet is......ImpostorMom

Hurray for the first contest! Now, get back to cooking!


noble pig said...

Congrats Imposter Mom!

Madame Queen said...

Oh, I'm so glad she won. She really needs a little pick me up right now. Her stepfather died on Friday.

ImpostorMom said...

Thanks so much. And I totally get the detail that went in to that seeing as I too am a Virgo. :)