Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One handed food options

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for everyone, blah blah blah, let's talk about how damn hard it is to consume food when you've got someone attached to your chest - it's so difficult! I've been doing really well consuming whole foods and keeping things healthy and I started going through my recipe book filled to the brim with magazine recipes over the past 10 years looking to see what I could make that really is one handed eating. I have a feeling my posts will be along these lines at least for the next few weeks. So healthy & one handed eating it is. If you have a recipe that fits this bill I would love it and would love to post it here so just e-mail me at cassjustcurious at gmail dot com.

Whole Wheat Pasta Salmon Salad

What you need:
Whole Wheat Pasta (however number of servings you're making)
Salmon (I roasted extra lemon salmon last night for dinner last night)
Very finely chopped Red Onion (as much as you like)
A bit of Fresh Dill (fresh is way better)
Very thinly sliced Cucumber
Capers (if you like them)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Plain Yogurt Strained over night or Low Fat Mayo or Greek Yogurt

What you do:
Cook the pasta and soak in cold water to cool the noodles to room temperature - if you keep them room temp the mayo/yogurt will distribute more evenly then ice cold pasta. Mix in your cooked flaked salmon and then add in the onion, cucumber, dill and capers. I put the lid on the pyrex container and shake it to get things distributed. Then I add the Yogurt or Mayo - today I made it with Low Fat Mayo and Greek Yogurt mixed together to keep the health factor up. Put the lid on again and shake and chill.

I made mine to have as lunch so I used an even pasta to salmon ratio to keep my protein intake up and I happen to love cucumber so I use lots of it. I don't have exact measurements here because I tend to eyeball it. This is an easy to eat lunch because the stuff stays on the fork and as I've tested today does not drip on to babies head while breastfeeding.

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noble pig said...

How about a chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie?