Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunshine Sandwiches

This is our first user submitted recipe post! We're SO excited by how many people wanted to participate with adding there recipes and food stories. So we'll get right to the good stuff. This comes from my good friend Nick (and his Mom), he's not only a terrific person to share a cube with but he's someone I'll stay in touch with forever...he makes really great food and he's always pushing me out of my element in the kitchen and I love that about him. So enjoy! I made this for lunch yesterday and couldn't be happier that the FH is away and that I didn't have to share and for the record I used greek yogurt and it was really tasty.

Sunshine Sandwiches
Thanks to: Nick and the rest of the Baldassaro Family

The back story:
So the title didn't come from me or from my mom ... it came from whoever she got it from... maybe.. but you'll get why its perfect because its the perfect sunny day smile food and its so delicious. This time of year on a day like today it is perfect for lunch.

What you need:
pita pockets - bigger the better
muenster cheese - two inches of a normal block from the supermarket
cucumber - 1 large
alfalfa sprouts - at least 2 containers worth
fresh tomatoes - 3 or so... there should be a pretty even ratio of cucumbers to tomatoes
fresh dill
1 lemon
plain yogurt (or mayo which is way tastier but way less good for you)

What you do:

  1. Put the sprouts in a bowl and fill it with water to separate all the seed pods which are annoying and drain. I usually rough chop the sprouts. the a.k.a. name of this sandwich is "sprout sandwiches". sprouts are the main ingredient and they're really hard to mix things into to get a good distribution of ingredients. so cut em up a bit but dont go crazy.
  2. Cut the muenster cheese into little cubes. dice em up really small so they dont clump together and can be easily distributed when you mix later. Add to the sprouts in a big bowl.
  3. Dice the tomatoes as well and make sure you take all the wet mess and seeds out before you add to the bowl. Just like with a good guac you want to keep it as dry as possible so when you add the dressing later it - well this is a drippy lunch but you want to try to keep that dressing on as best you can so you dont need all that tomato water crap.
  4. Peel and dice the cucumbers too... we're talking 1/4" dice here on all these. Don't make a paste for pete's sake!
  5. As finely as possible, chop a considerably generous handful of dill. we're talking this will be close to a 1/4 of a cup of dill when you're done chopping it up. Add to a separate bowl.
  6. To the dill add enough yogurt (or mayo - naughty!) to have enough dressing to cover what you've got in your big bowl. maybe a 1/4 of a cup? you also want to make sure that it is a dressing and not some sort of weird dill pesto looking thing. there's a lot of dill but its definitely not the only player in this dressing.
  7. Add to the dill and yogurt the juice of one lemon.
  8. Mix it all up. And taste. It should be overly flavorful because you're going to be adding it to your big bowl next. If you use yogurt you're probably going to need to add some salt and that as well should be a little overly salty because this is going to season what's in the bowl. You know your way around your own tongue better than i do so take charge and get it done.
  9. Add to the big bowl and mix up your ingredients thoroughly... the sprouts will not be cool with this so do your best to break them up.
  10. Slice a pita pocket thing in half to make two pockets and mix the filling again to make sure you get lots of dressing and fill the pocket up.
I guarantee you will want more than one pita's worth of this lunch so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not it is a good idea to share this with someone else. Its a good idea to pop the pita in the toaster or the microwave for a few seconds so its a bit more pliable and not breaking up and dripping your dressing all over your plate.

final step: enjoy this deliciously crunchy slurpy good and good for you (go yogurt people!) lunch.

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AndreAnna said...

Hells to the yeah! (That was so ghetto fabulous)

I am making this this week for dinner - sounds so springy and fresh.