Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Big Breakfast

Each weekend I do one day with The Big Breakfast. In our house it's nothing too crazy, scrambled eggs (and the trick to good scramples is to never stop stirring and stop cooking 20 seconds before they lose that glossy sheen), english muffins, turkey bacon and fresh fruit.

Some Sunday's I'll also do a breakfast cassarole/quiche/frittata thing filled with all the vegetables that I purchased because they looked so good. Vegetables in my fridge tend to go throw this change:
So good I couldn't I leave them in that mean grocery store
to not looking like what I wanted for dinner
to not looking so hot
to oh jeezwhiz if I don't use today I'm going to have to waste them
to I don't want to waste food. There are hungry children within 30 miles of my house.

So the question I pose today is do you do big breakfast during the weekend? If you do what do you make?


AndreAnna said...

By the time I get my toddler fed, my cereal is mushy and then she eats half of it anyway.


I do like to make my mother's German Ire Cooken (an egg crepe) that you eat with melted butter and granulated sugar. I think I need to post that.

Maggie said...

Usually I break out the waffle iron, but that really isn't too exciting. Another favorite is Breakfast Pizza

beach mama said...

I actually made cheesey eggs for the Kid this morning (omelet with a slice of American cheese and some shredded taco cheese). Some times I'll do pancakes and bacon.
But usually I make a frozen waffle for the Kid...his new fav is the French Toast Waffles by Eggo.

missmaryao said...

I make bfast usually Sats and Suns-pancakes, pork roll and eggs. Some times really go nuts and make waffles instead. I have actually never made French Toast- so that may be coming soon.

Kristin.... said...

Today is was pancakes on the griddle and bacon on our gas grill. Sometimes it's scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins. Other times, it's homemade egg sandwiches.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I actually do our big breakfast during the week for dinner! We're usually rearing to go on the weekend, but occasionally we will sit down for a nice breakie!

I make pancakes, bacon, sometimes eggs, fruit salad....

Anonymous said...

French toast with pure maple syrup and fruit...and sometimes my husbands favorite potato, sausage (or bacon), egg and cheese scramble- nice and simple tastes the best on a Sunday morn!