Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember the Milk

Sometimes the trouble with cooking and meals as a whole is that you don't remember all the stuff you need to make something. Here's a typical scene at my house:

CC - I'm making Chicken Teryaki wraps for dinner
Fantastic Husband - That sounds great
CC - Shoot. I don't have any Teryaki. Do I go get it or do I come up with another plan at the 11th hour?
FH - See you in 40 minutes.

I recently found this online application/tool/godsend called Remember The Milk and for my organizational diva self it was love at first site (get it sight/site). You can make multiple lists, you can add to your lists online at their site, you can install an add-on to your gmail account so that you see the tasks as a right sidebar in your inbox, you can twitter things onto your lists and you can text message things onto your list. I'm sure there are other ways that I just haven't discovered yet...but since adding this into my online repertoire I have to say that I have had fewer Teryaki shortages....and I have even remembered the milk.

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