Monday, July 7, 2008

Calling all helpers!

Cass and I are both teetering very close to giving birth; hence, why the site has slowed down its posting recently.

We're asking for guest bloggers out there to help us out a bit to keep things flowing. Have a fun summer recipe you want to share? Feel strongly about a particular food or health topic (for instance, I'm trying to cut out artificial sweeteners - easier said than done!)? Have any vegetarian recipes for the Summer O' Meat? Just love to talk about food? Have a food rant? Favorite restaurant?

Let us know! Email Us Here!


Pocklock said...

If you want to run a So Super Easy Even Your Toddler Could Do It series, I'd be glad to contribute my 4 meal repertoire!

But I think ya'll want to preserve your fantastic, more than 3 ingredients, type entries.

lilfootsmommy said...

Would you be interested in me posting my experiences with making Pocklock's favors (a type of cookies, that's all I can say in public forum because nothing else is a surprise to her for her shower, so this is the only thing surprise-worthy left!) this weekend? I can post it on Monday next week, if that helps!