Monday, June 9, 2008

To hot to eat must sip instead

Here are the things making today difficult:
1. It's Monday
2. It's 9:15am and the temperature reads 86 degrees already
3. The humidity is about 90% and it's thick like mud out there
4. Did I mention it's Monday and that it's HOT?

So it's too hot to eat and for me protein is especially tough to swallow when it's H-O-T outside. After reading about green smoothies on a bunch of sites about a month ago I have found the Magic Bullet (which is actually pretty fantastic) and have been whipping up the smoothie's all weekend. Here's the concoction I'm currently sipping:

1/4 cup cranberry
1/2 scoop of Protein Powder
1/4 cup ice
1/4 cup of frozen raspberry
1/2 cup of FF Plain Organic Yogurt

Do you have a signature smoothie?


heather said...

Mmmm... that sounds yummy!
And cool! We need cool around here!!

noble pig said...

Sending cool breezes your way...that little recipe sounds mighty good!

beach mama said...

I have a cappucino mix that I was using in hot water this winter. I just made my 1st iced drink yesterday with it and it was SO good. It's Caffe D'Vita Mocha Cappuccino, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, no cholestrol, low sodium, 100 calories a serving, and 99.7% caffeine free. I got a huge thing of it at Costco. I made it cold with 1% milk and ice in the blender, so it can't be too bad for you!! Right?

Alison said...

I found your blog through a trackback on the Dinner Tonight blog. I wanted to say thanks for adding us to your blog roll, and that I love your site! And both of your personal sites are great, too. I will definitely be stopping back. And I love smoothies; my friends Andrew and Joanna just got a blender and it's great for them. It's also great for margaritas...those might be my signature drink!