Monday, June 23, 2008

How I ate an entire Blueberry Coffee Cake

I have a very true love for the Blueberry. It's true and deep and fulfilling...everything love should be. So when I came across a recipe in Cooking Light for Blueberry Coffee Cake I thought that I may have just died a little because surly this is heaven.

Things about this recipe that I struggled with, changed or loved:

  • Buttermilk. Okay, I went and bought it but they come in ONE size - what else does one make with Buttermilk. Please send ideas.
  • I used my Whole Wheat Pastry Flour instead of All Purpose and I have to say it was a perfect swap and didn't change the texture or taste at all for the worse. I totally recommend this substitution to up the fiber.
  • Turbinado Sugar - I'm sorry but I have no idea what this is - I used brown did the job.
  • It says a 9 inch round baking pan. I guess this is different then a cake pan - because it wouldn't have fit in a cake pan so I ended up using my large round pyrex and then a small round pyrex.
  • I ate the small round pyrex in one was just that good. And you know I'll admit to you that I used some butter on it. Not light butter either, none of this I can't believe butter - I went full on Paula Dean butter on this thing and it was worth it. The following picture is the only proof that the small coffee cake every existed.

  • I'm freezing the large one for breakfast for after our baby arrives and we'll have people over and I can look like I have my shit together (hahaha, the illusion is so pretty).
  • With my substituions on the flour it takes the Calories to 260 the Fat stays at 9.9 and the Fiber goes up to 4.5g. This makes this a 5 point breakfast


noble pig said...

Nice, I love it.

AndreAnna said...

Great. Now I need blueberries.

BeckyAnne said...

Buttermilk is great to pour over chicken and let marinate before oven frying. It makes the best chicken ever!

broad minded said...

at least you just ate the whole small one.

you can also use buttermilk for cornbread. my husband makes it with cornmeal - the white kind - and buttermilk. that's it. he mixes it and puts it in a greased and preheated iron skillet in the over at 450 until done. quite tasty.

btw - love the blog!

atlantis said...

Re buttermilk:
homemade ranch dressing
buttermilk pancakes
bran muffins ( i have the recipe from barefoot contessa)

Robyn said...

I use buttermilk in my banana bread.

BTW, turbinado sugar is just a fancy way of saying raw sugar (as in "sugar in the raw"). It gives a nice little crunch when sprinkled on top of desserts.

beach mama said...

That looks SO good. And I love blueberries too. And I have a huge container (from Costco, of course) still half full and a couple days from not being as good anymore. I am so making this to use them up!

Michelle Smiles said...

Drooling...I love blueberries and commend you on eating the small one by yourself rather than the large one. I was just drooling over a blueberry tart looking thing in my July Cooking Light mag.