Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pot Luck Dinners: Bringing them back.

I want to plan a Pot Luck dinner. I think we should bring them back. I love them. I love the idea of everyone coming together to have dinner. I love that everyone brings something and it's likely there favorite thing and then you all get to enjoy a dinner of your favorite things.

What is the ideal way to host one of these dinners though? I'm thinking that I'll pick a day and make up a little invitation that will say:

I'm making pulled pork sandwiches for Saturday night - join us and bring a dish to pass.
BYOB. Water and Iced Tea will be available.

So if you were invited to my Pot Luck what would you bring?


AndreAnna said...

I love pot luck dinners - I also love appetizer dinners! I love little bits of everything. I hate feeling committed to one dish, which is why I'm not a casserole fan!

I think I'd probably bring my shredded chicken enchiladas. People seem to love those.

Kristin.... said...

You had me at pulled pork sandwiches! YUM.

I'd probably bring dessert of some sort. Maybe my mom's chocolate chip cake.

jenny said...

oooh - this makes me want to have peeps over for a potluck dinner!

if i were to go to yours, i would bring an appetizer of some kind or maybe a cold salad. i'm good with that kind of stuff. hot eats are not my speciality! i leave that up to the hubby!

i'm hungry. :)

kellycooks said...

We do these all the time with friends -- it makes it less stressful on the host! We normally assign everyone a "type" of food, though - appetizer, entree, side, dessert, so that we don't end up with 6 kinds of cookies.
Not that 6 kinds of cookies are a BAD thing, but you know what I mean. :)
I normally bring copies of the recipe of the item I take with me to the party -- that way if people want it, I can just hand it over, right then and there.

Baby Beatnik said...

We do pot luck holidays in my family. I always make the cheesy broccoli rice casserole.

But if I was invited to a pot luck dinner I would likely make my cheaters apple dumplings.

You know what I miss? When I was a kid my parents used to have fondue parties with steak and oil. Oh it was good. I am actually going to ask my mother for her fondue pot for my birthday so I can do those too.

Dee said...

I love pot luck dinners too! A friend of mine has a big party/pot luck twice a year and it is always tons of fun. I usually bring a pasta salad or Chicken Lip Dip.

Sunny said...

I always bring deviled eggs and a Southern Buttermilk Poundcake with either Lemon glaze(for spring and summer) or maple glaze(for autumn and winter). Always a hit!!!

J-Dawg's Realm said...

Definitely cole-slaw! Living in the south for as long as I have, cole-slaw is a staple for pot-lucks! AND, I had a great teacher (my late grand-mother) on how to make it.

I stumbled upon your blog, and glad that I have!